Welcome to the 2017 Dallas International Film Festival

Welcome to DIFF 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Dallas International Film Festival—a production of the Dallas Film Society.

Liener Temerlin
With his leadership and decree that “film should be placed on the same pedestal as all of the other arts,” Temerlin founded the Dallas Film Society and the Dallas International Film Festival along with Michael Cain, and served as the Chairman and Festival Director from 2006-2008. Overnight, the Festival became the largest film festival in the southwest, with over 193 films from 25 countries, filling 30,030 seats.

This year’s Festival is in remembrance of our Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Liener Temerlin. We are forever indebted to Temerlin for his depth of support and his dedication to the art of film.

While we’ve continued to evolve as a Festival through the years, our primary mission remains the same: to support the magic of film as an art form by bringing a diverse program of poignant and thought-provoking films to Dallas, honoring filmmakers worldwide, and promoting our local filmmakers on an international scale.

As a part of our 2017 programming, we are especially excited to be taking a look back at the greatest year in cinema history with a special showcase of films from 1967. We’re also thrilled to be collaborating with the new Dallas-based environmental film festival, EARTHx Film. These are just two of the many initiatives contributing to a robust film and film-education experience.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our hardworking team of DIFF volunteers, our Board of Directors, Festival committees, juries and dedicated staff. We are also grateful for the philanthropic spirit of our sponsors, donors and Dallas Film Society members. And, of course we must thank the filmmakers, those passionate individuals who work tirelessly to channel their creativity into films that inspire, excite, unnerve and amaze.

Without the concerted efforts of all involved, this 11-day celebration–with more than 150 films, events and panel discussions–would not be possible.

We welcome you all and look forward to seeing you throughout the Festival.

With gratitude,

Lee Papert
Executive Director
Mark Denesuk
Chairman of the Board
James Faust
Artistic Director





The Dallas Star Award honors individuals who have made important contributions to shaping the face of modern cinema and the advancement of the art of film.


The Maverick Award honors noted auteurs and groundbreaking filmmakers whose unique cinematic voices challenge our notions of mainstream cinema.


The Shining Star Award honors the work and talent of actors, directors, and designers that strike us as being prepared to accept the mantle of leading the next generation of filmmakers.


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