However you 'FEST' we've got you covered at DIFF 2017! | 2017 Dallas International Film Festival—March 30-April 9

However you ‘FEST’ we’ve got you covered at DIFF 2017!

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by Crystal Orren

With nearly 175 films and events packed into 11 tantalizing days, film fans may find themselves falling prey to FOMO: the Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a common malady, whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran attendee. But Fear Not! This year, we thought we’d offer you a head start, based on the types of fans that frequent the Festival—as well as movie category suggestions and recommendations on how to get front-and-center access to what you’re most excited to see!

THE FESTIVAL FANATIC believes that festivals are for the undiscovered: independent premieres and foreign-feature gems that may not find their way to theaters as quickly as others. Hollywood blockbusters need not apply.
Recommended Categories: World Cinema; Premiere Series; Documentary Showcase; Shorts Competition
Recommended Access: Festival Pass

THE RED-CARPET RANGER seeks unique, DIFF-exclusive, “you had to be there” moments with filmmakers, talent, and provocative Q&As. Rubbing shoulders with stars is a definite plus.
Recommended Categories: Galas and Centerpieces; Dallas Film Society Honors
Recommended Access: STAR Pass and Dallas Film Society Honors Seat

THE INDUSTRY ACOLYTE is passionate for the long-awaited and laurel-bedecked darlings of the festival circuit, lauded entries (old and new) from masters of the craft, and words of wisdom from current industry insiders.
Recommended Categories: Talk Shows and Conversations; Shorts Competition; Virtual Reality
Recommended Access: STAR Pass; Festival Pass; Festival Pass (Industry Professionals); Film Pass

THE WINNERS’ WATCHDOG only has time for jury-and-audience favorites. They’re saving their eyes for the Best of the Fest, and the tops among 2017’s upcoming releases.
Recommended Categories: Award Winners
Recommended Access: Film Pass; Weekend Film Pass II; Voucher Pack

THE LOCAL LOYALIST believes that success starts at home, and has put a priority on supporting the efforts of filmmakers from DFW and the Great State of Texas.
Recommended Categories: Texas Feature Competition; Deep Ellum Sounds
Recommended Access: Festival Pass; Voucher Pack

THE “WHAT’S GOOD?” GAMBLER is willing to go in “blind” to a cinematic experience, simply showing up to the theater and trusting DIFF’s Programmers to deliver something special – that’s a good bet!
Recommended Access: Film Pass; Weekend Film Pass I; Weekend Film Pass II; Voucher Pack

THE FILM FAN WITH A BUDGET PLAN is ‘festing’ by this simple formula: the Most Screen for the Least Green.
Recommended Screenings: If you’re a Student, Senior, Veteran, or Currently-Enlisted member of the Military, you can get a $2 discount on individual DIFF tickets and a discounted rate on Film Passes. In addition, there will be a FREE Outdoor Screening of David Lowery’s PETE’S DRAGON on Saturday, April 1st at Main Street Garden Park.
Recommended Access: Voucher Pack; Film Pass (Student and Senior Discount)

THE VELVET-ROPE VIP is bloodshot-eyed and sleep-deprived because this is their High Holiday. These die-hard loyalists’ hearts just might break if they can’t get into the movies they’ve chosen, and with a schedule of 4-5 films a day, will need a pass to the DIFF’s VIP Lounge to provide them with Life’s Essentials—snacks, cocktails, power outlets—as well as a place to kick back or karaoke, as the occasion demands.
Recommended Access: STAR Pass; Festival Pass






Bill Paxton was an award-winning actor and filmmaker from Texas. In 1992, he landed his first leading role in ONE FALSE MOVE. Paxton went on to star in several hit films including ALIENS (1985), APOLLO 13 (1995), TWISTER (1996) and TITANIC (1997)



David Gordon Green star awardDAVID GORDON GREEN

This year’s L.M. Kit Carson Maverick Award Honoree is writer/director David Gordon Green. David Gordon Green’s debut feature, GEORGE WASHINGTON (2000) won the Discovery Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, and his second feature, ALL THE REAL GIRLS (2003) received a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.




This year’s Shining Star Award Honoree is Zoey Deutch. Zoey Deutch is an actress known for VAMPIRE ACADEMY (2014), EVERYBODY WANTS SOME! (2016) and WHY HIM? (2016). Most recently, Zoey Deutch starred in two films selected at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, REBEL IN THE RYE and BEFORE I FALL.



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